The Sims 3 Vice City (BETA)

Category: Worlds

Name: The Sims 3 Vice City

Requires: Base Game (The Sims 3)

Description: A Sims 3 custom world. A replica of Grand Theft Auto's Vice City map, also based on Miami.

Important Notes! Please Read!:

- This is a Beta, meaning this is not a finished world. I am releasing it because I would like some feedback, and just in case I never finish the whole thing, I figured it's better to release this instead of nothing.

- There are no sims in this world, and many of the lots are unfinished/do not have insides.

- This requires only the Base Game, and has no custom content.

- Most of the rabbitholes (workplaces, diners, markets, etc..) are located in the basements of the buildings that contain them. This way was the only way I could avoid having custom content and having to ruin the look of the world with the out of place designs of the EA buildings. It should work absolutely fine though.

- Enjoy! Any feedback is more than appreciated! I worked on this for 1.5 years, and put hundreds of hours of work and my heart and soul into this, and I hope that comes across to anyone who plays the world, and hope you like it just as much as I do. =] Thank you!

Official Screenshots:

August 17, 2011

March 20, 2011

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